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Zion and Harvey atop North Bubble, with Jordan Pond and the Atlantic Ocean behind them

mountain climbers

A moment from the week.

feel free to stop reading

A "friend" of ours recently posted a facebook comment—in response to an article—that facebook helpfully highlighted for me. In it she said many things, including:

I get that people want to live off the grid and off the land but for heaven's sake stop blogging about it and just do it and live your life and not rub it in the faces of the masses if that's what you want.

I'm not sure if that part was meant to be about us or about the article's subjects (who were, according to the headline, planning to retire at 33) but either way I took note. We don't really want to live off the grid or off the land, unless it should become necessary, and we certainly don't want to rub anything in anyone's face. I write because I like looking back on what I did years ago; blogging works much better than trusting in my suspect memory. I also try and be a little funny. If you enjoy some of these words, I'm glad; but you don't have to read them. If they're causing you distress, please close the tab right now, and godspeed!