all those moments

Every Friday in 2015 Leah or I posted a picture under the heading "this moment" (alright, there was one week when I messed up the date and posted on Thursday by accident). We got the idea from the blog Soulemama, and I was drawn to it for two reasons. First, it's great to look back over the year in a series of weekly pictures. There are other ways to relive it—I'm partial to the weather view, myself—but pictures are one good choice. Second, Soulemama invited readers to link to their own moments from her weekly Friday posts, which was a good way to get people looking at our things (at least occasionally). Only then she ended her series.

We actually started posting moments in March 2014, a couple weeks after Lijah was born, but it wasn't til 2015 that I got the rhythm of weekly posting. And I kept up with that rhythm even after half my reason for doing so was gone, because... that's what I'm like. But as I think about our own schedule and what I hope to do with this blog, it seems to me that a single picture on Friday doesn't sum up our week in the way I'd like to sum it up. So in 2016 I'm going to try something new. Stay tuned, and see what you think!