Weakened by the Weekend

What a great dinner party Dan made Saturday night!!! The food was VERY impressive, and i much enjoyed the group of people: we invited two girls who i knew well in highschool because we were all members of the same girlscout troup (Yes, i WAS a girlscout for 12 years, JEALOUS?) and their significant others who were a delight to meet. It was lots of fun hanging out with these people because
1) We never get to hang out with folks our age, and when we do i get to remember that it's not just me who's poor, under-respected, and hating her job.
2) We never get to hang out with couples, and doing so makes me feel WAY less booring than i usually feel when hanging out with my single young friends.
3) Intelligent conversation!!!!!

Maybe because i was so tired from Saturday night, or maybe because my grad-school application is due in like 10 days, on Sunday i got very sad and into one of my my-life-is-worth-absolutely-nothing-i-don't-contribute-anything-to-the-world-Dan-would-be-better-off-with-a-wife-who-wasn't-such-a-fat-lazy-slob kinda funks. Or maybe it was just the flu, i can never tell. With either problem the solution is always the same: drink more fluids, eat less solids, and go to the gym so often that i no longer have time to think about the vast expanse of the universe as a whole to which i add no particular goodness. Is my role in life to succeed in business only so that i can strip other people of their net worth and add to my own? Only to have a good college education for my future children, rince and repeat? These are the type of questions people my age think about, and i'm told they start to go away once you're thirty or when you buy your first Prada purse whichever comes first.

OMG, don't i almost sound like a whiney hippy? CEASE TRANMISSION NOW!!!!


Happy New Year!

I almost forgot, today is the Jewish New Year! In the ancient culture we celebrate this day by reminding Jews that You have exactly 9 days to appologize to God and to everyone you know for all your sins you've commited this whole past year, or your death will be sealed on October 13th. Hey, that's when i have to send in my grad-school app! Funny coincidence, isn't it?

driving in the dark

It's not my fault I haven't written more: I've been really busy with choir! Heehee, no really, I did just have a choir rehearsal this evening, but that has no relavance other than to allow me to introduce that reference to a cinematographic gem particularly enjoyed by Leah and myself. Also, on the drive there I happened to notice that it was dark out. That's what fall does to you: makes it dark out when you leave your house for evening engagements. I'm never used to it, each time it comes around again, and it always takes a little while to become readjusted to driving in the dark. Sure, we all do it even in the summer, but it feels different somehow then, it being nighttime and everything. Now that we're getting towards winter it's dark, like, all the time! If nothing else that means there's more cars on the road. And... there is something else, something phsychological in my own brain here. It just seems different! I wonder if anyone else has a similar perception.