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done camped

Back from camping. We had a great time, only it turns out that taking care of a baby and a dog prevents me from doing much in the way of photography. The greatest oversight was not getting a shot of the tent—shots, inside and out—because it was absolutely the cushiest set-up you could ever imagine. It's a new tent, one we just picked up a couple days before the trip, and it features, if you can imagine, a screened-in porch. Also enough room for a (similarly brand-new) queen-size air mattress, Harvey's basket-nette, and Rascal's bed. Our clothes and stuff, too.

Which it was a good thing we had a comfy base-camp setup, because we didn't do nearly as much hiking than we usually do. Harvey is none too light to lug around, and Leah isn't up to her full athletic peak after giving birth six weeks ago; also it was pretty rainy. It rained most of Friday afternoon, but that was alright. We relaxed in the tent and listened to the pitter-patter overhead (and the squish of mud underfoot, thankfully contained by the ground-sheet). Our friends Cara and Alan came up to join us, and they camp with an impressive array of tarps and things, which were also welcome in keeping off the wet (though less helpful with the armies of mosquitoes).

We managed one peak, little South Bubble, and we would have gone up Dorr (perhaps dying in the process) had not my mother phoned us from Massachusetts and warned us of the coming storm; good thing, since that day, starting under the blazing sun, we had no rain gear, nor had we closed up the tent or the car windows. We ate at the Cafe three times, we got some good burritos and tremendous ice cream, Harvey slept great, and Leah didn't have to do dishes once. Altogether a complete success. Except for the pictures. Leah has some good ones, though, as you will see.

Harvey enjoyed the tent:

We got to change him in all kinds of exciting places! (here, Camden):

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