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For Labor Day, our farmers market put on a special presentation to draw folks there rather than the beach or cookout: Iron Chef Bedford. Yes, chefs from two local bistros competed to make three courses using ingredients they got from the market, and naturally me and Harvey was there to watch and sleep, respectively. It was a pretty fun time. A few things, however, could have made it even better:

  • I could have remembered to bring my camera, so you would have some photographic evidence of the proceedings.
  • They could have hewn more closely to the real Iron Chef model and declared a secret ingredient that the chefs had to use, instead of letting them essentially plan their whole menus before even getting to the market.
  • They could have thrown away less food.

Especially the last one. Oh how I suffered, sitting behind the prep area watching so much deliciousness go to waste: extra steak, peaches, polenta, whipped cream, the outside of bread cut-outs, packaged shortcake biscuits... I drool just to think of it.

Though it was all for the best, because as hungry as watching the competition made me, I just had to go home and cook something myself. Since it is now getting into apple season, and I was filled with inspiration, I attempted my first ever apple pie. It was reasonably successful, I would say.



As you can see, we found it to be edible. I will try another one someday.

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