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Bedford Day!

Yesterday was perhaps our most social day EVER. We started off with a walk to the local parade for BEDFORD DAY, a showcase of our town's most popular past times: soccer, girl scouts, 4H, band, and riding on top of very very noisy fire trucks.

Harvey (unlike Rascal) was unfazed by the chaos. He just did what he always does... he ate.

After the parade we rushed home to host a brunch with some family friends, a family who Dan started nannied for when their third was still in diapers (that one's now 13!) Dan cooked up a delicious storm, and the guests were kind enough to bring beer to brunch... our kind of guests!

In the evening we went over the in-laws for a dinner with Dan's aunt and uncle, and then stopped by my parents house on the way home to see my cousins who are also visiting. Phewf! So much fawning was done over the baby that he took today to nap all afternoon. Harvey, it's well deserved!

Dan took some great shots at the parade, and here's my favorite one. Of all the great people we get to see this weekend, my boys are still my favorite.


What a cutie baby and momma!

I second that! Very cute...and very nice photography skills Dan!


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