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back to the beach

Leah and Harvey on Good Harbor beach

room to roam in the winter

My apologies for yet another photo post here. But hey, I'm on vacation! At least I'm not making folks sit through a slide show.

Today I convinced Leah to take the day off of work—it wasn't hard, given what's going on with her job these days—and take a family outing to the beach. With us, it's always the same one, so at least we know how to get there. The weather was a little colder this time, though.

Harvey snuggles with mama to keep warm on the beach

nice and warm in here...

Even in his snowsuit and mama-knitted hat, Harvey wasn't entirely comfortable with the conditions. It was a the wind that bothered him—him and everyone else on the beach, actually, at a good 15 mph clip. In defense he pulled his head in turtle-fashion, which meant that he couldn't see much of the proceedings; and absent exciting stimuli he went right to sleep. Oh well, it was nap time anyways.

Rascal running out of the ocean

he is not afraid of the Atlantic in February

Rascal, on the other hand, didn't mind the cold a bit. He got so overheated bothering about thirty other dogs that he had to take a dip or two to cool off. No humans dared anything like that, of course; in fact, he was one of only three dogs to brave the waters in the time we were there. The wind did whip his ears round a bit more than he may have liked, but he bore it well. I made him pose for a portrait before we left:

Rascal on the snowy beach

"going in the water was totally worth it!"


Aw. What a cute family you have!

What beach is that? We need an outing...

It's Good Harbor in Gloucester. It's great for the puppy because it doesn't go on forever: it has a bridge over a tidal stream at one end and a narrow road through the dunes at the other. It's also good for kids because of the stream: they can play in it when the ocean water is too rough or too cold. We never swim there though, since we're too cheap to pay for summer parking. September through May there's free street parking, so that's when we go.

Good Harbor Beach!!!! My favoritest beach ever! (and once again, nice pictures Dan!)

Thanks! If you come visit us again we'll take you there! But of course we owe you a visit first...

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