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they're doing a play!

Harvey saw his first musical this evening: Metaphasia, written by the play-writing computers at Pioneer Drama and spiritedly staged by the Bedford Junior Summerstock Theatre. Our neighbor Samantha was fantastic as a neighbor, toy pig, and Sole Thrasher, and Harvey clapped in most of the right spots (he can clap now). I did have to distract him from time to time with a little My Neighbor Totoro on my phone, but only during the dialogue bits. And he managed to stay up for the whole thing, only to fall asleep on the three-minute car ride home. Perfect!


I love "my neighbor totoro", I wish I had someone who could pull out that movie and entertain me whenever I start to get bored! :)

It's one of my favorites too. Plus, he watches it in Japanese so maybe he'll even learn something useful from the experience!

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