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spying on other families

A friend from our Lexington church is in Colombia adopting her second child, and I'm snooping on the proceedings via her blog. Very exciting indeed.

It probably proves that I'm a defective mom for thinking it, but how nice it would be to pick up your baby at 3 months old! Get the worst bit out of the way without even thinking about it! Although, it bears mentioning that traveling to Colombia is a big pain in the ass.

Yeah, I must be a defective mom. I just put Harvey down for his nap, and I'm looking at his sweet angel face as those huge eye lashes slowly close, and I'm thinking "this is the best job in the world." Being a parent of a 16-month-old. Why are we fucking everything up with a newborn?

It's delirium talking. I haven't slept through the night in a year and a half. I only exercise attached to a dog leash and a 26-pound back-pack. My rational loving mommy brain is slowly seeping out the back of my head.


I have to tell you, that backpack is alot more than 26 lbs. Harvey is 26 without any clothes on, the backpack itself is 7, and there's maybe a half-pound of other junk in it. So give yourself 34 lbs. I don't know if that makes the exercise better of worse...

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