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he begins to grasp the point of the holiday

Harvey in his mouse costume

ready to trick-or-treat!

For his second Halloween Harvey was a mouse. He thought he looked pretty cute: he told us so every time he looked in the mirror.

mousie close-up


He was a little bit uncertain about the actual trick-or-treating part, until he found out that he would be getting actual candy that he could actually eat (in representative quantities at least). He still wouldn't put his own hand out to take anything, but at least he consented to being carried up to a few peoples' doors.

more Harvey in his mouse costume

showing off his tail and candy bag

Now we see how well he sleeps after consuming as much candy as he has. Or coo-key?!, as he describes it.


I would have titled this post "More Cookie???" because that's all he said over and over and over again this evening.

Oh my gosh - he's SO CUTE!!!

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