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my letter to the Bedford plow guys

I'd like to express my continued appreciation for the awesome job of plowing being done on the Bedford portion of the Minuteman bike path. I commute by bike from Bedford to East Lexington, and not only is the bike path the most direct route for me to get to work, it's also a far more pleasant and relaxing ride than taking the street. I've been surprised and delighted at how quickly the path's been cleared after each storm, and my riding in the winter has been just as fun as it is the rest of the year... if not more so! Thanks!

the snowy (but plowed!) bike path

an idyllic way to get to work

Seriously, having the path plowed is absolutely wonderful. And today it was cleared in Bedford but not in Lexington, which, while annoying, is also satisfying in that it points up how awesome our town is. Good job guys!

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