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Patriots parades and Passover

Harvey watching the Patriots Day parade

more parade coming?

We saw the parade. The above image bears a certain resemblance to last year's, but back then Harvey didn't eat brownies. We took many more photos and videos, which will be the subject of a later post.

Then we went to Passover at the Bernsteins'. As with Patriots Day Harvey was experiencing the holiday for the second time, but I think he had even less memory of seders than of parades. Never mind, he took to it like a natural.

Harvey and Grandma Beth at the Seder table

he's a fan of matzoh

Not only did he wait to eat the egg, dip his vegetables just so, and hold up his sippy cup of grape juice for all the blessings, he found the afikomen and got his prize. It only took some pretty broad hints from Grandma and a little more help from Great-Grandma...

Now he's asleep.

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