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suddenly summery

Harvey's bare feet in a puddle


It was cold and rainy all week; all week, that is, until Friday afternoon. All of a sudden the clouds parted, the sun came out, and everything dried right up. After all that gray the transplants of the last couple weeks looked a little limp in the sudden sun, and we all felt kind of limp too. We're not used to fine weather! When I got home from work Harvey and I took out the watering can and refreshed seedlings and feet alike.

basil seedlings planted out in the garden

future pesto

All that rain made well-rooted plants just shoot up, chief among them the grass, so Friday evening the suburbs resounded with the roar of lawnmowers. We didn't get ours out until this afternoon, and it was a struggle getting the whole lawn done, mostly because of how much Harvey wanted to be involved in the process.

Harvey and Zion in the double stroller

double stroller, double sun hats

More relaxing was a stroll with the new double stroller—the first time I got to take it out (Leah was driven by the beginning of the good weather and the fussiness of the children to make the inaugural voyage yesterday, and I believe that she has more to say about that and the machine itself).

Better still was the summer food: burgers and watermelon. Sure, the watermelon was from somewhere down south, but we can't be perfect all the time. We wanted to eat outside but by dinner time it was rapidly cooling—too cold out for Zion by 5:00 and for the rest of us to want to sit around by 6:00. Oh well, we'll take a little more spring weather while we wait.

two halves of a watermelon on the back porch

tastes like summer

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