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we need a vacation to recover from our vacation

The sleep deprivation is catching up to us. A couple late nights combined with a stuffy nose on Zion's part has given us a sleep debt of about one whole night; that plus the oppressive heat and our unusually heavy consumption of meat and beer and we were pretty much out of commission all day. We even had to beg off our third barbecue of the weekend. Happily, Grandma Beth took our excuses with good grace—and even better, she took Harvey off our hands for the duration of the cookout. As the only one to have gotten anywhere near enough sleep the last three nights and Grandma's favorite, he was well-suited to represent us to the extended family present.

That's not to say we didn't enjoy the rest of our weekend! I meant to take pictures of all three events to show the extent of our appreciation for the country's war dead and good outdoor cooking, but even by Sunday evening we were beginning to flag and photography fell by the wayside. Still, the following two shots will show that the children, at least, ate well:

Harvey's pudgy hands reaching for a plate of fruit

fruit and dip, together at last!

Leah feeding Zion

second-hand bbq


i'd recognize that chubby Harvey hand anywhere!

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