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garden photos

a view of the garden from the porch

raggedy but productive

As requested.

cucumbers growing up the wood and wire trellis

I've trained them well

Those are producing these:

the first cucumber of 2011 on the cutting board

sweeter yet

We're also eating a lot of these as pesto:

looking down on the bushy tops of the basil plants

basil as far as the eye can see

This one we didn't manage to eat last year, but now it's ornamental:

a closeup of a leek flower

whatever it is, Harvey thinks it's pretty

These are growing ever taller:

18 tomato plants

no red yet...

With the promise of something tasty soon!

a green Early Girl tomato

...but soon!

Not pictured: zucchini, carrots, peppers, corn, beans, eggplant, collards, and chard. Some more successful than others. And check out that new fence!


Looking good! I see pesto and marinara sauce in you future.

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