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social not-working

Our small-group leader* has got us all on Google+. Or he wants to, anyways. So far it looks like it's just me. I feel like I'm at a party for really cool people and I don't know any of them; also it's really dark so I don't know where they are. Am I extending this metaphor too much? As of now, my "circles" are largely, sadly, empty.

I know we've done this before, but it feels special every time. Where else in my life do I find myself in such desperate pursuit of the "new hotness"? Actually, my pursuit is generally pretty lackadaisical, but here's an instance where I've actually managed to get on the ground floor. Sure, everybody else is already on the way up in the elevator, but close enough.

Some people are already complaining about the lack of anonymity inherent in Google+, but while I agree with them in principle, for me that's actually part of the draw. I hate being anonymous! I'm engaged in a constant effort to supplant all those other "Dan Archibald"s from the top of the Google search results, and giving Google yet more (carefully curated) personal information is a great way to forward that goal. That's also why I started signing my full name when I comment on blog posts, in case anyone was wondering. And look, it's working!! Sure, at the time of writing my best results are only numbers three and five, but we're getting there.

So yeah, Google+. Join up and friend me, or circle me, or +1 me; whatever they're calling it this time. My profile thingy is here.

*It's a Christian cult thing, if you're curious.


Well, I figured since you're already in a cult, I've got you pre-selected as a Joiner. Seemed like a layup.

Dan the Joiner.

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