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this is the story of a hurricane

a couple chairs on top of some plywood on the porch

ready for some hurricane watching

We're told there's a hurricane coming. We don't listen to the news so we were spared the full extent of the fear-mongering, but enough actual information made it through our defenses that we're at least aware of the coming cataclysm. And we took steps to prepare, you'll be happy to hear. Leah even ventured out to Whole Foods for some emergency rations (ok, it was just to get a few things for dinner) and she described the scene as "pandemonium". The contagious excitement almost drove her to stock up on vegetables, until she remembered that that probably wouldn't be necessary.

a lot of tomatoes and peppers and a few beans

who needs the farmers market?!

Yes, as part of our preparations we picked every vulnerable veggie that was either ripe or close to it. Anyone want some jalapenos? We're most concerned about the tomatoes, which are almost overwhelming their cages in calm weather, never mind in the 80 mile-per-hour gusts included in the current forecast for tomorrow. We did our best to provide supplementary support with stakes made from two-by-threes and cut down hockey sticks, but I fear even that may be too little.

extra stakes trying to hold up the bushy tomatoes and their cages

as secure as we could make em

Aside from that, though, I think we're pretty ready. All the scattered lumber has been collected and piled on the porch, the bicycles and strollers and potted plants are inside, and the pumps stand ready in the basement. Of course I wish that the initial ramp-up of wind was happening in the day time so I'd be able to more easily react to any problems, but we do what we can. And if I do have to get up in the middle of the night to secure something, I won't complain too much: after all, it isn't every day we have a hurricane around here! Tropical storm? Whatever.


It wasn't too bad. Max wind 51mph at the airport next door, torrential rain leaking in the basement for just half and hour or so. The tomatoes didn't take any damage at all (yet; it's still pretty windy) and the chairs pictured above didn't even blow around.

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