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Grace is admitting...

... that some days "attachment parenting" is another word for torture.
... that your standards for hippy parenting are incompatible with your standards for household cleanliness.
... that your two perfect angel babies, your beautiful gifts from heaven, are sometimes rather difficult to entertain.
... that a big hunk of plastic which represents consumerism and escapism and lazy parenting and everything that's wrong with America, which will never biogdegrate in a landfill, which is thus DESTROYING THE WORLD... that some days this manifestation of evil can also be the thing that saves the world, for one very tired mama, in one very small way.

zion pushed by harvey in round-a-bout

having fun not being held by mama

I bought this this week. Feeling kind of guilty that it makes me so happy.


don’t feel guilty – he’s improving his gross and fine motor skills in the midst of all that plastic :)

I love your writing

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