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apple pic-ing

a full half-peck bag of apples, with a half-eaten one on top

hey, who's been nibbling?!

Leah totally beat me to the punch with news of our apple picking adventure, so I figured I'd wait a little while more to put my pictures up here... but now Bridget has posted her own photos of the outing, and shamed me with what Leah calls "the best pictures ever taken" of her (and also some cute ones of Harvey and Ollie). But I'm the only one to get the apple bag!

Harvey biting an apple

it probably wasn't his first one

I also took a moment to photograph all the apples on the ground, an impressive quantity from which we took all of what went into our half-peck bag. Not so much apple picking, then, as apple picking-up.

many apples on the ground under the trees

we can't let them all go to waste!

Harvey also enjoyed the hayride. Zion might have; it's not entirely clear.

Zion looking nonplussed by the hayride

hay baby

Harvey was also a big fan of the hay maze, just like last year. Double fun playing on it with Ollie!

Harvey and his friend Ollie atop the hay maze

full of apples and ready for fun!

No applesauce produced yet due to catastrophic illness around here, but we did enjoy one very tasty apple pie.

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