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happy Valentines

I have a new theory about Valentines Day. Maybe the reason that it's so out of control is that they let the kids celebrate it in school, and the excitement of the young has spread to the culture at large. Halloween seems to be something of a similar case. I can't imagine another reason why mature adults would be exchanging gifts costing multiple hundreds of dollars for a made-up holiday, as I have heard that people are doing. Us, we exchange cards and try not to feel guilty that we're not giving each other presents.

In our defense, in all cases the cards are beautifully hand made. Leah got the boys to dip their feet in paint and stamp out butterfly-wing footprints on paper, and I took advantage of my recent experience watching illustrator Giles LaRoche showing off his cut-paper wizardry as an artist-in-residence at my workplace for a week. Sure, they didn't let me go to any of the actual sessions where he taught the kids how to make totally awesome collages (not that I'm bitter) but I picked up enough to be able to put together a pretty good-looking waterlily-themed Valentines card.

And! I also made heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast (well, three of them were heart-shaped—it slows you down having only one heart mold) and Leah baked chocolate-dipped heart-shaped sugar cookies. And our special Valentines Day dinner also featured delicious homemade croutons to adorn our salad; are croutons romantic? No? Oh well, romantic love is a sin anyways, right honey?

I hope everyone had a Valentines Day that was perfectly satisfactory in every way.


Romantic love is a HERESY, or at least that's what you told me before we were married. Maybe you were trying to get out of buying a gift?

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