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outside days

Harvey digging in the garden

early garden work

We've pretty much given up on winter around here. It's hard to remember that it's still February when you're outside in shirtsleeves working on garden chores that usually belong to the beginning of April. Can we start planting peas yet?

Not that everybody was working, of course:

Rascal lying down in the garden

he knows what to do with a garden bed

While yesterday really was quite warm, the effect is at least partly psychological: no snow and bright sunny skies make us think of spring, even when the temperature is still coolish. So last weekend we had a picnic!

the archibalds and friends picnicking with coats on

it's not too cold, right?

Of course, as I type these words it's just started snowing. But we know it won't last!


It's really good to see Jessica and the kids, thank you for that! Please send our love. I love your new camera. Big Time.

Will do! I'm jealous of credit though, so I am forced to point out: these photos are from my camera!

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