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another storm of the century

We're getting ready for the largest storm ever to hit the United States, as Reuters puts it. So far we've made sure our phones are charged, found the headlamps, and made a wet bicycle trip to the library for a few more books. Is there anything else we need to do?

Really, I'm not entirely sure what to think about this storm. Last time it wasn't no thing, but this one is record-breaking for both its size and the depths of its pressure, so perhaps we should be more concerned; but I really can't think of any other preparations we need to make. We already have a couple weeks worth of food in the pantry, although Leah did venture out into the craziness yesterday just to experience it, and also to get some ice for the freezer. It wouldn't do to have some hundreds of dollars of locally-raised meat go bad in the even of a power outage! In what I can only view as a commentary on the shared insanity of pre-storm shopping, she let Harvey ride his scooter in the Whole Foods.

As the wind picks up tomorrow I'll make sure nothing's blowing away outside, and we'll do our best to deal with the cabin fever that will no doubt be affecting our three dependents. (To that end our library haul, besides books, also included a Thomas and Friends DVD, not to be watched until the storm is in full swing; just before bed, Harvey asked, "when it's light is it the day you're talkin about?" Yes my son, tomorrow is tomorrow.)

Big weather events like this are about the only time I wish we still had TV, because when you see the reporters squinting against heavy rain while waves crash on the pier behind them you feel like a storm is really something. Without that shared experience, it's just a little bit of wind and rain, over before you know it. I'll take pictures if anything big falls over.


Maybe we should all take turns going out and taking phone-video of ourselves in the storm and send them to you.

Are you bringing in the chickens?

Not unless their roof blows off!

The storm is finally starting to really show up. We took a walk mid morning and it just seemed like a regular squally day, but now we have some actual rain and wind. Chickens are ok so far, though damp.

If our roof blows off, can we room with the chickens?

Absolutely! They're warm and dry last time I checked, and we just mucked out the coop a couple days ago!

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