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I enjoyed an afternoon snack today of toast with goat cheese and honey. Delicious and wonderfully local, thanks to the newest piece of the Bedford agricultural community: Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm. There's not a lot of farming going in town, but with great source of eggs (for when our hen's aren't laying) and now a dairy I think we're doing alright! Not that I plan on switching to goat milk—we're well-served by the cows over at Shaw Farm, sixteen and a half miles away by road—but as soon as I saw the cheese at Chip-In I knew I had to buy some. Never mind that it was expensive and not on the list: I want to vote with my dollars for Blueberry to keep making it and Chip-In to keep carrying it!

My honey wasn't super-local—it's from all the way out in Athol, wherever that is (we got it at the Lexington Farmers Market). But it could have been! Bedford also has a honey producer, Townsend Family Honey, whose product is also carried at Chip-In (and which has nearly zero web presence). Now all we need is somebody in town to start growing wheat for my bread and we'll be all set for the New Localization, or whatever we're calling the next step after globalization.


nearly zero web presence = opportunity for you to barter.

Yes indeed: I had that thought as well. Blueberry Goat Farm, the existence of which is discoverable on the internet thanks to news coverage, also has no web site of its own and so is another possibility...

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