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outside day

morning sun on the snowy chicken coop

bright morning

The sun rose bright and warm this morning, and when I stepped outside to bring the chickens their water I was astounded at how warm it was already, before 8:00.

Rascal walking in the snowy yard

he made the first tracks

My enthusiasm was enough to get Harvey right outside with me (Leah and Zion were still abed), and we spent a happy half hour tromping and playing with Rascal. After a bit the sleepers awoke and opened the bedroom window to say hi to us; so pleasant was the day that it was a few hours later when we noticed the window was still open.

Harvey venturing into the snow in snowpants and mittens

more "deep deep snow"

We do get outside plenty in the winter, but it's a cramped sort of experience—we're ever conscious of the need to fit in as much enjoyment as we can before someone breaks down and needs to recover inside. Today didn't feel that way at all; aside from our pre-breakfast adventures Harvey and I also managed some bicycling in front of the house, a snowball fight, splashing in puddles, and sitting on the front steps, and Leah and Zion joined us for a long relaxed walk.

The soundtrack for the whole day was the steady patter of snow melting off the roofs at a pretty impressive rate. I said yesterday that March snow doesn't stick around for long, but I wasn't prepared for it to go this quickly! Good thing we had fun with it while we still could.

water dripping from the melting snow on the chicken coop, close-up

drip drip


you make me sound like such a lazy stick-in-the-mud! Can I say that the reason I stayed in bed with Zion is because I was awake taking care of him all night? That I didn't play outside later because Zion hates it and I have to take care of him inside all day? it's not like i'm taking a spa in there or something.

Haha, only you would read it that way! I though it went without saying that you were doing more important things than lazing the day away in the sunshine like grasshoppers Dada and Harvey!

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