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Fourth of July

our picnic spread and grandparents

fun, food, and family

Like we do, we celebrated the 4th of July this afternoon by attending Concord's Picnic in the Park. This time some grandparents met us there, so it was extra special. They brought chips!

the Concord hook and ladded truck parked on the field

that's where we were

We rode our bikes there; I think this is the first time we've been able to get there under our own power in consecutive years. What happened to our baby-production schedule?! Leah had the boys in the big bike, and I hooked up the trailer to bring our considerable pile of possessions. Chairs? Sure, why not!

It was very hot—it still is very hot as I compose this post—but the boys had a great time and didn't complain at all. Helped by a tantrum-induced nap an hour before we left (really! he two-year-olded himself to sleep!), Zion was able to keep going strong the whole time.

Zion's sweaty face

sweet and sweaty

Harvey, of course, is always a trooper; at least when he's out of the house, that is. They enjoyed the music and watching a very entertaining juggler (who performed in air-condition comfort) but I their favorite part was playing with the sand toys at the playground

Harvey and Zion pushing sand toys at the Emerson Park playground

this activity was in the shade

Although an all you can eat buffet enjoyed while sitting on Mama's lap isn't anything to be sneezed at!

Zion on Leah's lap, enjoying his picnic

everything he ever wanted

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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