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exploration pictorial

Harvey and Zion sliding  (carefully) on pond ice

on the water, kind of

I took the day off so Leah could go to a dentist appointment, and the boys and I seized the opportunity for another adventure. We went in search of water, since the last trip didn't deliver so much in that direction; today we took the bike so we could get a little further afield and explored Hartwell Brook, the Shawsheen River, and the Old Bedford Reservoir. Without any further comment, here is our adventure in pictures.

Harvey and Zion in the back of the big bike, well bundled up, outside our house

ready to go

still in the bike, pausing on a bridge overlooking a small river

over Shawsheen River

a kid-free view of the wintery river

a little downstream

the boys posing in front of the Page Rd bridge over the Shawsheen

a pause from playing on the bank

the boys climbing up timber stairs set into a steep hillside in the woods

off the bike...

Harvey and Zion walking on a leaf-covered woodsy path

... and into the woods

Zion sitting astride a big fallen tree trunk

this was his boat for a while

the boys examining a spruce seedling

checking out a baby Christmas tree

a sturdy plank bridge over a tiny stream

this stream is too little to have a name

the frozen surface of the Old Bedford Reservoir

the big water

Harvey standing on the ice

proud of his winter exploration prowess

Harvey standing, Zion fallen down on the ice

oops! still fun though!

Zion got up and, better-mittened, stayed out on the ice until I convinced the boys it was time to head home for lunch. Can you believe it: a three-hour outing and only one small container of crackers for a snack?!

I promised them we'd go back later this winter when the ice is thicker and we can slide all the way across the pond. We're all looking forward to it.

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