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picnic on the porch

For the last hundred years or so we've celebrated Independence Day by going to the Picnic in the Park in Concord (2012, 2011, 2010, 2008...). Sometimes we invite friends, and this year we invited pretty much everyone we know! But then it rained. So we had them over for a picnic at our house instead.

shirtless Zion lying on the blanket with his food

a fine (rainy) day for a picnic

It was easier than a picnic out in that we didn't have to pack up all the food, but harder because it was tough finding room for the blankets and food and people on the porch, and without room to run around the smaller children stepped on some of the food. Being able to be outside enjoying the cool breeze while rain streamed down made the close confines totally worth it though, and the chance to make beer part of the picnic was an added bonus (though that's not beer that Zion's drinking in the photo above; it's mint tea). Even better, our guests staggered their arrivals so there was always room for everyone to eat! It was the place to be.

Mama and Elijah in the rocking chair on the porch, both smiling for the camera

happy times

Of course, we couldn't abandon Concord entirely; we knew that lots of the planned events were still going on in alternate, indoor locations, so after filling up on lunch the gentlemen headed over to take in some bluegrass music from Southern Rail (leaving the ladies home to talk about female concerns). Last time the Picnic in the Park was rained out the music portion was held in a gym, which was perfect; this time it was in the Emerson Umbrella, which, while a totally hip place, has an auditorium with seats that made people want to sit quietly and listen seriously. So it may be that our bunch of children disrupted a few people's enjoyment of the show, but I think the band would have appreciated their energy more than not. I danced a little myself, I'm not too proud to admit.

Then we came home and ate and drank some more. Sadly all our guests left too soon to enjoy the very impressive fireworks display put on by our neighbors across the street—a display which, to continue a theme, the boys and I watched from our porch. The first part, at least. The second, bigger, part came after they were in bed, and happily it didn't wake any of them up. The perfect end to a delightful day.

Happy Fourth of July!

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