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snow on snow on snow

our house in the afternoon of the storm

after the second shoveling of the day. or was it the third?

It snowed again. The forecast was originally for 10-12 inches, but they changed it to 15-18 in the afternoon. I have no idea how much actually fell—and continues to fall—since it's all mixed up with blowing snow from the last storm, but it's a lot. After we played quietly and happily inside for much of the day, the boys and I ventured outside, where I thought to try and clear the back steps and back door. I hadn't shoveled out that way after last week's storm, and without access to the bin the compost situation in the kitchen was becoming intolerable. I pitched it to the boys as an expedition.

Harvey and Zion trying to make their way up the back steps, which are covered in three feet of snow

a towering peak

Unfortunately, we were turned back; Zion by cold and discomfort, Harvey by the impossibility of finding a footing in the three feet of snow on the steps, and me by Harvey's refusal to let me use a shovel. He thought it would spoil the expeditional nature of the enterprise. Not that he wanted to give up: he whined bitterly when I turned back with Zion to look for easier footing in the front yard. But when Zion decided he actually wanted to go inside, Harvey was mollified by a "hike" across the street.

Harvey following my trail through deep snow

a hard slog

We probably went less than 100 yards, but it was over two plow piles and through deep snow all the way, so it wasn't easy. At one point I sunk in up to my waist and had some trouble getting out, so I understood how hard Harvey must have been working, up to his waist about half the time. But he loves it!

Harvey wide-eyed in all his snow gear

he loves it

Since we were out we stopped by our next-door neighbors and invited the kids over to play. One taker was enough to provide a late-afternoon/early-evening of imaginative play, costumes, and dance, so all in all we made it through the day in fine form. Another day off tomorrow as the people in charge figure out where to put all the snow, but the forecast is for sun, so look for us to get out even more: maybe even further than a quarter mile from our house!


does that make today 'mid-winter'?

Well, sort of... it was Candlemas (or Imbolc or St. Brigid's Day) halfway between the solstice and the equinox. So pretty much the middle of winter in New England!

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