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all snow all the time

Harvey and Zion resting on the toboggan between runs

taking a little break

Our local friends probably have enough of their own snow and probably don't need to see ours, so this is for the out-of-towners. Not that I could write about much else; with another day off and plenty more clean-up shoveling today the snow is pretty much all-consuming. At least we got out to enjoy it: Leah went snowshoeing by herself for almost two hours this morning and I took the boys sledding in the afternoon (see photo above). And then we parents took a walk together, just the two of us! We agreed that active engagement with the snow makes it much more enjoyable.

the mailboxes for our street peeking out of the side of a snowbank

neither snow

There's lots of snow here. Without Harvey, I got the back porch shoveled out so we could finally take out the compost. Also now Rascal once again has two doors to scratch on when he wants to come in.

a cut through deep snow on the back porch

a perilous valley

In the past I've told people that chickens are no work at all, but in weather like this that's not entirely true. I've spent as much time shoveling in and around their coop as I have on the walk and driveway. Not that I mind a bit: it makes me feel like a real farmer.

the chicken coop covered with lots of snow

good thing I built it strong

I have been a little nervous about the hens, since as well as snowy it's been quite cold, but so far they're all doing fine. I can't say they're enjoying the weather, but when the snow stops blowing in at them and they have fresh straw, newly-thawed water, and plenty of scratch and vegetable scraps to peck at, they seem as happy as anyone this time of year.

the hens in their run

tough birds

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