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Harvey and Zion looking at things

Harvey and Zion on the Old North Bridge looking down on the frozen river

cold north bridge

Back on Saturday (before the second blizzard) Harvey, Zion, and I took a trip out to Concord. I wanted some adventure and fresh air, and thought we might go take a look at the Concord river—which, given the persistent cold temperatures, I figured might be frozen over. And it was! Only the cold continued to persist—more than ever, perhaps—and we only walked over the bridge and back before we were all three chilled to the bone and forced back to the car. Oh well; at least Concord center has many other delightful attractions: like the toy store!

Zion sitting in the toy store watching Frozen

another kind of "Frozen"

Harvey likes to go look at Lego sets, but Zion's needs are simpler. Frozen has been playing on that particular television since before Christmas, and we stop by this store every couple weeks; another month or so and he'll have seen the whole movie! Out of sequence, sure, and without sound, but that's the best you can do when you have dirty hippy parents like us. When we tired of toys and television (well, he didn't really tire, but you know) we moved on to the kitchen store. The wall of cookie cutters is almost as engrossing as an animated film.

the boys looking at a wall of cookie cutters

just think of all those cookies...

We also took in the art supply store and the cheese shop, both of which offered not a single item which would have fit in our budget, if we were even looking to buy something. But at least the cheese shop offered delicious smells for free, and the prepared-food counter inspired Zion to ask for tuna salad for supper. In the event—after I made it deli-style with capers and red onion—he declined to eat it, but Harvey and I enjoyed it a great deal. So it was all worth it!

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