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don't pass over Passover!

On Saturday before Easter, we did Passover at Leah's parents'. Since we weren't doing anything for Easter Eve, it was a great way to run our streak of religious evening events to four in a row. And of course, it was also a delightful time!

all of us at the Seder table

different than other nights

Harvey was in a concentrating, studious mood, and he totally took in the whole thing, following along with the stories and singing the choruses of the songs—even in Hebrew!

Harvey at the seder table focusing on the haggadah

really doing this thing

As a reward for his attentiveness, he was the one to find the afikoman, which he was able to ransom for a cool ten dollars—after a little, much-needed, lesson in negotiation from Mama.

Zion and Lijah weren't quite as into the whole thing. Elijah didn't even drink the wine we set out for him! (that's a joke; as Leah said at the time, she's not looking forward to ten years—or more!—of Passover jokes along very similar lines). But they ate a bit of food and played with lots of toys; and in the brief moment they were at the table Leah captured this great picture of them:

Zion and Lijah (momentarily) holding hands at the table

the small brothers

And took the shank bone home for Rascal, so everybody was happy! Thanks Ira and Beth for having us. Never mind Jerusalem, I'm looking forward to doing it again next year in the very same place.

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