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holiday weekend

On Friday Leah and I celebrated our tenth anniversary by dropping the kids—all three of them—off with Grandma and Grandpa, and going for a bike ride.

Leah riding her mountain bike by Flint Pond

10 years of riding together

With Leah feeling a little sick we abandoned our plans for a lunch date at the end of the ride, but it was still lovely to have a few hours to hang out together—and we being the way we are, we hang out best when we're moving. We did a little over 20 miles of hilly country roads, and it was all wonderful except for not being able to cross Route 2 at two separate points and having to backtrack to find a different way home. Our marriage is still strong despite that difficulty.

Then on Saturday we marked Labor Day a little early by inviting some friends over to labor with us. Work on the porch is proceeding apace, and we thought many hands would make it light. In the event only one other couple was able to come, but Leah watched the kids while the three of us carpentered, and we got the job mostly done before eating a considerable amount of meat.

Sunday saw a full morning of church followed by a 95th birthday party for Great-grandma Faye (that's Leah's grandma). The gathering was wonderful except that we were late and Faye angrily walked out of the group photo. But all three kids were lovely—once they'd warmed up, at least—and did us proud.

Today we did school, because why not?! But we also went to a barbecue all the way down in Brookline. It was fun, but... now we are tired. Good thing the long weekend is over!

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