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busy with bread

I'd love to be writing more here lately, but I've been so busy with bread! See, I've got this sourdough starter, and I'm trying to figure out how to make fantastic bread with it; so far I've figured out that in order to preserve the possibility of fantastic bread you have to make more and more starter, all the time. Which means making a lot of bread. I suppose the side effect is to give me lots of practice, not to mention opportunities to play around with various variables—but it all takes time. Today I even brought some dough in to work and baked a loaf in the oven there to share for lunch.

Right now there are four containers taking up space in the kitchen: the regular sourdough starter, a whole wheat offspring, a whole wheat bread on its first rise, and some experimental sourdough pizza dough (though really it's all experimental). Results so far have been pretty good—better than last time (though that's a pretty bread)—but not yet entirely up to specifications. So I keep trying!

Incidentally, feel free to stop by to try some bread.


We love our sourdough starter! We have had it for over a year and I have still yet to master bread, though this school vacation I'm giving it an honest try. We keep ours alive with weekly feeding and using the discard for pizza (I think we have finally mastered this) and english muffins (which are awesome and super easy!). Let me know if you find the trick to great bread...I'm trying this 3 day process and a bake in a dutch oven method currently.

I sure will! And I'd love to hear your english muffin recipe.

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