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moments from the week

Zion and Harvey walking down the sidewalk together

brotherly walk

Scenes and moments from the past week. We do more things than we have time to write about; photos help us remember it all!

Harvey, Zion, and Eliot kneeling in the snow, deep in coversation

playing, in the snow

Lijah kissing a cat

cat fancier

Harvey and Zion reading books in the library in their winter coats

deeply absorbed

Lijah and Zion cuddling on Mama on the couch

she was working...

Zion and Lijah looking over the edge of the top bunk, Zion in bathrobe and Lijah in monkey hat

after the bath

Harvey and Zion on a smallish snow pile

kings of the rapidly diminishing mountain

Zion carefully painting in the playroom

working on a birthday card

the three boys sitting at the birthday table, with pizza

pizza party!

Harvey and Zion, barefoot and short-sleeved, digging in the lawn

not snow shovels

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