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moments from the week

Lexington and Bedford Archibalds taking a walk together

extended family walk

Lamentably late, here are some moments from the past week.

Harvey wading in Walden Pond

winter wading

very dark: Harvey and Zion, in swimsuits, running in the rain at night

Harvey and Zion in swimsuits at night, running in the rain

Lijah pointing at the sheep pen in the barn

"sheep in there!"

Lijah lying down on the paved path at Drumlin Farm

"I sleep here"

the fire in the grill and some friends

fireside chatting

Zion, Harvey, and Lijah in the hammock, in costume

Snowy, Tintin, and... ???

Lijah looking at a birthday cake glowing with the light of candles spelling out

more birthdaying

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