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moments from the week

Harvey, Zion, and Hendrick playing (almost) in the waves

run away from the waves! (they're cold in May!)

Some scenes and moments from the past week of summertime fun.

three boys on the couch with three books

they all get in on the act

Lijah standing in the new beach tent

that's how you enjoy the beach: in a tent, with a lollipop

Harvey and Lijah playing in the sprinkler on the lawn

smaller water

a relaxed group of kids playing board games and drawing in our playroom

just hangin out

Leah holding a naked Lijah as he eats a grilled lamb chop

primal baby

Naked Lijah standing on top of a table on the lawn, holding a stick, watching the chickens

I don't know... I guess it's safer up there?

Harvey looking serious holding a hot dog on a stick over a fire

hot dogs are serious business

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