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to let get wet

the boys, a little wet, in front of a spray-park fountain

who could resist?

Sometimes, your kids find an awesome bit of water—a stream or ocean beach or fountain—and they want to go in it. And sometimes, even though it's pretty chilly and they don't have dry clothes, you let them.

We found a spray-park type fountain at Emerson Park in Concord yesterday; we've been there a few times before but it was never turned on. We were on our way out when we saw it, and I guess the boys were thirsty.

Harvey trying to drink from the fountain

it's not a drinking fountain?

They were disappointed when it turned off after a minute, but then a very nice gentleman asked if we'd like him to keep it on for us. We did!

Zion trying to drink from the fountain

a tricky thing to manage well

It was threatening rain and cold enough that Lijah had his raincoat for the couple hours we were playing at the park. Even though he was more waterproof than his brothers—not to mention the only one with a change of clothes available—he kept his distance from the waters.

Lijah carefully poking at the fountain with a stick

a little more sensible

Not so Harvey and Zion.

Harvey and Zion standing in the middle of the fountain getting wet


Then after they tired of that lovely fountain we went over to an actual drinking fountain—but a crazy one, that sends a stream at least three feet away. And since they were all set for drinking water they took turns spraying it on each other's head. Then they took off all their clothes for the drive home. Good times!

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