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moments from the week

the boys posing on the green, Zion and Lijah with guns


Moments and images from the past week.

kids playing on the street


Lijah sitting on the living room floor reading a book, baby Joan Marc behind him

the reading life

Harvey and Zion playing with fire, Harvey holding a burning stick


the boys sharing a picnic at the plastic table

family picnic

purple crocuses in full bloom

now appearing at our house

Lijah on a treehouse holding a stick in a warlike posture

brave defender of the realm

Harvey holding a baby, reading to Lijah; all in PJs

babysitter Harvey

fife and drummers warming up under a cloudy sky

Patriots Day practice


I love the picture of Harvey reading with a baby in his arms. You look like such a pro babysitter, Harvey!

Yup, he loves the babies! Less a fan of reading out loud, but he'll do it if you ask really nicely.

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