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moments from the year

the Archibalds posing at the signpost atop Champlain Mtn

we're getting good at this!

Here are some of the our top moments and images from the year of 2017. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard for some months, especially in the spring and summer when there were so many to chose from. Then in late fall my camera was broken and I hardly took any. Still, I think it's all pretty representative of the best parts of our year. Take a look!


zion making a snow angel

angelic Zion

three boys enjoying cones in front of Bedford Farms

winter's snow and ice cream

Zion holding a protest sign

he agreed to hold the sign I made


Harvey and Zion hugging their snowman

lovin the snowman

Harvey sledding down a path in the woods

where you have to steer

Harvey, Zion, Lijah, and Nathan posing crossing a stream in the snowy woods

summer hike in winter


Lijah blowing out the second of his three candles

blow Lijah blow

Zion bundled up for the blizzard

suited up again in March

Leah and the boys with friends on a horse-drawn sleigh at Sturbridge

two-horse open sleigh


the boys lying on a walkway looking down into the water

close examination

our big crowd sitting on (and behind) the curb

we all love a parade

Lijah and Zion running in the sprinkler on the green grass

green and sparkling


Zion and Lijah in pirate garb on one of the woods platforms

arr, matey!

Yoda-sweatshirted Lijah in the high green grass by the riverside

green at the riverside

the boys sitting on the beach with puppy Tovi

the beach with dogs


Lijah's dirty face

showing his work

Zion leaping out the window of the house

very good form

many of the kids on the stage with the Duplo

saying happy


Ira helping Harvey fly the kite

grandfather-grandson bonding

Harvey and Zion working on a sandcastle

it's working!

Harvey and Zion swimming under the Old North Bridge

Concord River swimming


kids wading out into the mud

where did I bring them?!

the boys looking out to sea from atop a mountain

mountaintop moment

Zion and Lijah squeezed into a basket



the kids and friends posing on a train, in front of a sign reading

homeschoolers' field trip

Zion in a dress taking cookies off the sheet, naked Lijah watching

have you ever seen a more hippy homeschool scene?

swimming in Walden Pond at sunset

sunset September swim


kids playing in the sandbox under fall-colored trees

the fall yard

Zion jumping over a wave at the ocean

wave jumping

the boys walking on the crowded sidewalk in Lexington Center

crowded with revelers


Harvey and Lijah sitting by the fire in the dark

backyard campfire

Leah eating lunch outside, a chicken on the table

chicken for lunch?

Zion on Lijah playing on various roofs

playing on roofs


the boys at the top of a sledding hill

hitting the slopes

another picture of the christmas tree

all is calm

Harvey and Zion posing on the sledding hill as the sun sets

yay winter

[Full disclosure for future readers... this post was actually posted retroactively, in July. Shh, don't tell anyone!]

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