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snow at last

The first part of the winter has been pretty disappointing from a weather perspective, so we were delighted to finally get some real snow Saturday night. Well, almost real snow; there was enough warm air involved somewhere that the precipitation that fell all day Sunday was really more like sleet. Never mind, it accumulated to a sufficient depth and piled almost like normal snow. The boys spent a good amount of time outside in it both Sunday and today, even though the conditions weren't perfect for outdoor entertainment: Sunday (when church was cancelled to give us more playing time) was so wet they needed to change their mittens every 15 minutes, and I don't think today's temperature broke 10°F. Never mind. First snow!

Zion and Harvey with the other kids playing in the snow at the end of the street

the neighborhood at play

It's amazing to think of it, but this was the first time this year Lijah put on his snow gear (Harveya and Zion spent some time out in the significant but short-lived snow we had back in mid-November). I was glad to be able to find him snowpants and boots that fit, since I hadn't thought about it at all before Sunday morning. Good thing he has two older brothers! To be honest, he's not totally enthused about the cold weather. I heard him saying he wished it was summer. Oh well, can't please everybody. Harvey and Zion will sleep well after their hard playing outside this afternoon, and even Lijah survived the arctic blast for couple minutes. All of them certainly earned their hot chocolate.

Zion making a silly face in Sunday's snow

snow silly

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