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who says we never see each other?!

Besides living in the same house, Leah and I also work in the same building—those few hours a week that I work, that is. Originally the thought was that we could go in together and have lunch together and generally spend some time in the same space without the kids around. Almost like a date! But circumstances change, and now even though we're both working Mondays we tend to see each other as little at the workplace as we do at home. But never say never! Today I walked out to my car to head out to lunch-time meeting (for homeschool co-op organization!) at exactly the right time to catch her as she drove in from her own morning meeting. We had a good 45 seconds of solid interpersonal time right there!

(Also we got to hang out for like an hour after the kids went to bed. Don't worry, it's totally fine!)


You look so cute walking across the parking lot.

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