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moments from the week

Zion and Lijah on a Zoom read-aloud

this is our life now

Lots of moments from the past week—not all of them of us on screens. (Also I finally put up the past three weeks' "moments" posts, if you want to scroll back and check them out).

Zion in his snowsuit by the side door

it was really snowing a little!

the boys playing Quest for El Dorado

never bored with board games

Zion and Lijah looking at a hole in the base of a tree

who lives there?

playing Pictionary with friends over Zoom

Pictionary over Zoom

eating lunch on the back porch

picnic lunch!

Harvey and Lijah on a Zoom call on the iPad on the back deck

still on Zoom, but outside

Harvey and Zion playing with bubbles in the back yard


Zion and Lijah painting at the playroom table

morning art time

Leah and Zion tucked in bed with their digital devices

cuddling with screens

Zion in costume as King Lucas the Loftier

as King Lucas for the Book Club party

Zion and Lijah playing by a spillway

spring means exploring water

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