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weather whiplash

On Saturday, it snowed. For a long time, even, though no snow ever stuck around on the ground for even a second. Then Sunday morning was wintery cold—the young maple leaves were visibly suffering, and I was super nervous about the apple and pear blossoms. By mid afternoon the kids were in shorts and t-shirts and the weather couldn't have been nicer for romping in the yard with a pair of puppies. Yesterday started the same way, with ice on the puddles at first light but weather warm enough to make my long underwear really uncomfortable before lunch time. Of course, the afternoon also featured dark clouds, wind, damp cold, and thunderstorms. It's a good thing we never leave home—imagine if we were going anywhere and had to pack clothes for such climatalogical variety!

In general, temperatures are a bit below what we expect from May these days, which is slowing down the garden some. I planted the peas almost a week ago—when there were a few days with mild mornings—and I expect they've not even germinated yet. But I'd much rather that than the alternative: it's easier to accommodate late cold than sudden summer, and it feels less catastrophic. Lord knows we need less catastrophe these days, so I'll take it.

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