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bring on the snow!

All of us were excited last week to see the possibility of snow in the forecast for the weekend. It's winter! We love snow! On Friday the predictions had changed to mostly rain, but we still did our snow lesson in bubble school—and more importantly, made snowflakes! Those snowflakes have power, you know. And despite a rainy start to the day Saturday, the snow did manage to take over by late afternoon; a wet snow, but wintery enough that the boys were able to get out to build a snow fort. A small one, to be sure, but it counts!

Harvey and Zion lying down in a little snow fort

proportional to the amount of snow on the ground

That picture is from Sunday morning, by which point, following more rain overnight, everything had frozen completely solid.

While the bigger boys were constructing, Elijah was trying out his new skis, a hand-me-down from his school friends. He was actually the first one out on Saturday, so interested was he in getting them on his feet in actual snow. He took a couple loops around the yard then, and then a couple more Sunday morning. The terrain in the yard wasn't really as interesting as he wanted, but I at least though it was a fine place to start.

Elijah on his new cross-country skis in the yard

he wishes he had a hill

Then Monday we did sledding at school, and he got his hill; but by that point the snow was more ice than anything else and he felt that his control was a little lacking. So he joined the rest of us on the sleds and snow skates, and we all had a great time. A beautiful start to winter, and all thanks to those snowflakes!

Lijah holding up a paper snowflake, kids around him working on them

yay snow!

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