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my snow play

I was telling someone the other day how much I love shoveling out the path to the chicken house, especially in real cold weather. Do I like shoveling in general? they wanted to know. No, actually. I kind of resent having to do the driveway. You might expect that the difference is due to how much I love agriculture, but that's only part of it. Really, it's because I love snow. And shoveling to the chickens—or shoveling off the deck, or around the fire pit—feels to me like playing in the snow: creating a winter wonderland in the backyard around all the things that bring me joy. Shoveling out the car seems like trying to deny the existence of the snow so I can get back to regular life or having to run errands and things.

For the kids there's no such distinction. They can play and play in the piles in the front of the yard. I'm too dignified for that these days, but when nobody was looking I totally spent half an hour yesterday evening making snow stairs off the deck. And what are my paths around the yard but a way to play in the snow?! Sadly, today was a beautiful mild day. Delightful for walking in the woods, sure, but already my paths don't look so necessary. Oh well, I trust there will be more snow before too long!

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