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moments from the week

Harvey on the wide ice where Nashoba Brook ponds above Concord Rd

ice is unexplored country

Lots of moments from the past week.

the boys playing on the ice at Great Brook Farm just by an

unsafe farm ice

Tim and me sitting on a big rock

dad rock

Elijah playing with a firelighter

practicing for when it's his turn

Elijah on the Old Res ice with Scout

another day, another ice adventure

Zion posing by his 18-inch snowman

a little snow? a little snowman!

Scout and Blue in the slush on the edge of the Concord River

river dogs

Elijah climbing in a tiny tree

a little tree climbing

the boys waiting for friends to make them cotton candy

did you know you can make cotton candy at home?

the boys sitting together, with dogs, in front of Harvey's computer

Saturday morning

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