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moments from the week

bikes and bags on top of the hill by the airport

mountain bike picnic stop

Moments from the past week.

many seed-starting kits in use on the picnic table

homeschool seed-starting madness

Zion and Elijah exploring a stream, seen from above

did we get a drone? no, it's just a steep cliff!

Elijah's hand sticking out of a cavity on a tree

the spirit of the tree

Harvey riding on a grafitti'ed quarter pipe

park riding

Zion's friend crossing a log to a rock in a pond, Zion and Elijah watching

my boys were too cautious to try

Elijah pretending to chew a beaver-chewed tree

this joke never gets old to me


Haha, I didn't realize I was picking a top photo from the same spot two weeks in a row..

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