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moments from the week

Elijah and Zion skating towards the camera

skate boys

Moments from the past week, just as icy as the last.

Elijiah sitting on a roost in the chicken coop, Harvey looking on

trying out the new roost we made

Zion on the ice in the dusk

evening ice

Harvey in his pikachu sweater skating

Harvey skating too

kids skating and sliding and sitting at a picnic table on the ice

park day ice party

Zion playing Stratego with a friend

strategic masterminds

Lijah sitting on a sled on the ice getting pulled by a friend on skates

what friends are for

the boys and friends on glassy ice at Fawn Lake

the smoothest pond ice you'll ever see

Elijah, covered in ice dust, lying in a snow tube on the ice

life on ice

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