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sledding report

For all that it snowed on Saturday we haven't done very much sledding since the storm. On Sunday the boys played outside for a while but nobody had the energy for any sort of outing. Ditto Tuesday. And today was gross and rainy all day. But we did get out Monday afternoon for a couple hours, and then park day yesterday was all sledding all the time. So maybe six hours in five days? I guess that's not too shabby.

Zion going off a jump on a sled


Conditions weren't best either day, but of course that didn't stop us from having fun! On Monday the snow was still deep and fluffy where it hadn't been packed down over the weekend, but it was warm enough that it was also kind of sticky. Our sleds were all pretty slow, but our friends had a couple that worked fine. And when we made a jump and dug out the run-up so it was basically ice, they did great! And nobody was too badly hurt.

Elijah going off a jump on a sled, and starting to crash

not an optimal launch

Yesterday was positively springlike, so I was worried that our high hopes for sledding down onto the pond—something I've been dreaming about for weeks!—would be dashed. And our first runs were pretty dire. But there was a good crowd of homeschoolers there who were willing to keep trying, and eventually we got things packed down enough that the sleds started to be able to move. Plus we stayed long enough that it started to cool down a little bit, which helped too. Not that we could ever go on the ice, though—not quite. It was so slushy on the pond that, while folks felt confident ice fishing way out in the middle, when the sleds ran off the edge of the beach they went splashing through four or five inches of slush. Of course, we had to do it if we wanted to battle for the distance record, so we were pretty wet by the time we finally headed home.

Zion and Elijah sledding down the hill at park day

picture taken standing right on the shoreline

Will it ever snow again this crazy winter? I hope so! We've got more sledding we want to do!

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