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It snowed on Saturday. We were anticipating it: it was in the forecast since at least the beginning of the week, but the amount kept changing. Would it be seven inches? Or 19? In the end the forecasters decided to give us a blizzard warning and lots of news chatter about a potentially historic storm. Some of that chatter was probably because we haven't had a big storm yet this year, and the first one always gets the most press. But even so, it was certainly a real blizzard. We didn't get two feet of snow, but we got plenty.

Elijah mostly buried in snow

Elijah demonstrates the depth

It was actually hard to tell how much, because the main feature of the storm was the wind. It was relentless all day, and it blew the snow clear off some areas while depositing it thickly other places. And it was the wind that kept the boys from spending more than an hour and a half playing outside, since it was kind of hard to open your eyes if you were facing anywhere between north and east. Their game of "push snow into your friends' faces" also maybe limited their ability to stay out, but not as much as you might expect. In that time Harvey's hair picked up a dramatic amount of snow—from the air and from his friends combined.

Harvey in the blizzard with lots of snow in his hair

it's a good look

Then yesterday dawned bright, clear, and calm; as dramatic a difference as you could imagine. Still cold, though. The dogs were eager to get out, since after their morning walk Saturday they weren't able to go anywhere: we couldn't drive, since our little street was unplowed, and the sidewalks on the big street were worse than unplowed since the plow debris from the street left them completely impassible (and walking on the street didn't feel wise under the circumstances). They didn't mind too much—they mostly just hunkered down with their tails over their noses, like their wild cousins but on couches—but even though we still didn't have sidewalks Sunday morning they weren't going to wait any longer! Lucky we don't like too far from the woods.

the dogs running in the snowy woods

so much energy to burn!

We didn't have the energy for sledding Sunday—plus we didn't want to face the hordes of Sunday sledders—but we're super looking forward to some fun times this week!

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